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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] End the old end, begin a new beginning

>>>It's like kicking yourself, but cheaper. An insurance policy. And it
>>>rid of that dumbassed other proposal.
>>>                                                   -BvS-
>>Yeah, this is an intelligent one. A smartassed proposal. Is that better?
>-To the other longer-running players: Is it just me, or are the newbies
>coming in better at the game and/or sharper at the tongue lately?-

Some other Nomic game let out recently? College students returning to their dorms and accompanying internet access? Or an amazing number of lurkers who have been watching us for nweeks on end...?


-That first one sounds plausible, the second as well, and the third most likely. Look at the list of subscribers to the lists... 28 members of the spoon-business list, and only 15 players, Dave, and Joel. Hi, watchers!-


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