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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] My First Call For Inquiry

Quoth Orc In A Spacesuit,

> Note that I do answer the Wealthy Bastard Giveaway at the bottom.
>> The problem here, as the Reality Police once pointed out, lies in the
>> distinction between performing the action "drink a glass of Champagne", and
>> performing the action "drink" on "a glass of Champagne". It has already
>> been
>> ruled that in this case, the action "drink" needs to be performed on "a
>> glass of Champagne".
> It is performed on a glass.  See Part B.  The admin picks which one.
>> The second problem here lies in the legality of drinking others' glasses of
>> Champagne. As the Champagne rule does not explicitly permit you to >drink
>> glasses in the possesion of other players,
> I think it is pretty explicit when it says "A player may drink a glass of
> champagne by announcing that e is doing so in a public forum".  Well, it's
> up to the judge to decide.  Hopefully not Wonko, no offence intended.

It does not explicitly state that you may take this action on a glass in the
possesion of another. To explicitly state it would look something like this:
"A player may drink a glass of champagne by announcing that e is doing so in
a public forum, regardless of who possessess that glass." It explictly
states that you may drink Champagne, but it does not explicitly mention
other players. Thus, it does not explicitly annul Hands Off.

>> P.S. Another Wealthy Bastard Prize Giveaway:
>> Take the word FANG. Shift each letter four lettersdown the alphabet and you
>> get JERK. Now, name a variety of nut in which each letter can be shifted
>> four spaces down the alphabet to get the name of an animal.
>> Prize: 200 BNS.

Well, that was fast. I take it you've heard that one before?
That's 450 BNS I owe you now. But again, I'm not giving up any of my
financial advantage until I know that it will do some good.

P.S. There are still at least three other percussion instruments that begin
and end with the same letter. 100 BNS each!

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