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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end... or something.

Great story, I'll be giving it 1 less than full points, most likely. 1 Less because it is all comment text pretty much, though you did a good job of incorporating the actual prop into it. Oh, and I checked the rules: Prose doesn't specify whether or not it can be comments.
-Well, that's the most I've ever gotten for a prose prop (I think), so I won't complain, but I will note that I'd rather not have a rule that says I'm a Black Ops type person... seems that having my rivals stolen from and/or eliminated would not be a good way to get people to vote for my proposals.-

I like the prop overall, but I have some suggested changes. Most of them would have no problem being revsisions being made at a later date by other proposals, but you may as well work them in if you like them.

Add the following subsection, appropriately numbered, to Section F of Rule 301:

I reccommend making this a new rule, and not a revision to rule 301, as this is a big element of play, and my prop is definitly going to be changing/replealing rule 301 (The Grid).

-Well, it /is/ related to the Grid, so I should think it should be part of the Grid rule, for cleanliness's sake. I'm trying not to undo the Less is More revolution. And the Grid rule is already hucking fuge. This won't change that much- the prose bits get chopped.-

vSOI Airspeeders

Great twist on an old thing in your story. Is this by any chance because of my mentioning the DimShips? In any case, good thing I read up on them.
-Actually, I've been working on this for a week or two.-

There exist carryable, passable MOs called Airspeeders. A player may Board an Airspeeder that they own and which occupies the same Grid location as they do at any time.

What about players letting others take a ride? Maybe make Keys, or just use permission for simplicity.
-Hmm. Well, players could give other players their airspeeders as it is, or I could change that. I'll consider it.-

The effects of this action are the same as if the player had picked up the Airspeeder [[except that wouldn't make much sense, now would it?]].

Instead, how about the Airspeeder pick up the players, instead of the Players picking up the Airspeeders? Just make the Airspeeder completely under the control of the owner (or whoever's in it)
-Because then I'd have to rewrite a bunch of stuff to explai what that means. There's already framework in place for people to pick things up and carry those things. If that's how it's phrased, but not quite how it happens, that's fine and easier than creating another part of a rule that's basically the same as what there is.-

Airspeeders may be purchased from the Gnome Account by players for 25 points each, or for 15 points if the purchasing player is in vSOI.

This kills it. I don't know how the Gnome thing works, but I do not support players getting power outside their clubs (other than maybe sway over members) as a result of being in a club. Figure out a better way, please. I don't think I'll be voting for this if this stays.
-Well, they are /vSOI/ airspeeders. And vSOI players have always gotten discounts on Gnomes. I'm expanding that. (By the way, there's nothing that says vSOI can't have more members. All people have to do is ask.)-

For the duration of nweek 23, players may purchase Airspeeders for 10 points less than specified in the first paragraph of this subsection.

If you make other changes, you may a well change "For the duration of nweek 23" to "For 10 ndays after the passing of this proposal"
-Well, it would be the same thing, and it makes the phrasing of the deletion sentence easier.-

If this is done, the player Snapped by the Wet Towel drops two random objects in their possession, or, if they have fewer than two objects in their possession, all of the objects in their possession, and moves one space farther away from the player who Snapped them with the Wet Towel.

Umm, good idea, but dropping items at random seems a bit strong, as many rules were not designed with forced dropping in mind. Shelve this part for a while, or change the effects (lost points, maybe lost style...). Also, this should definitly increase Mischieviousness (maybe by a lot).
-I disagree with the first part, but perhaps it could be dropped to 1 item, and yes, it should increase Mischieviousness.-

Towels may be purchased for 5 points from the Gnome Account."

Everything but the last sentence is great. You should have to actually get a towel, and not do it the cheap way. Towels should be special, especially the with snapping part.
-Eh... maybe. To get one through Gnomes costs 30 points, and that's just for vSOIers. How about 10 points?-

In Rule 905, change item 1 in the list to "Thwocking, Whacking, Shooting or Snapping one other player two or more times in any combination in one nweek"

Add "Except for the first Snapping done by the snapping player to a player that has committed an act on the LOGAS in the past 15 ndays", or something like that, so if somebody did something Abhorred, e would be free game. [[I kick Wonko in the Ass and snap him with my towel, cause he engraved my spacesuit 4 times yesterday, or something]]. Perhaps there could be a title involved somewhere.
-I see... maybe. Perhaps instead a player could Snap another player instead of Kicking them, regardless of distance.-


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