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[spoon-discuss] Fwd: BNomic-Private -- confirmation of subscription -- request 642380

From: bnomic-private-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Reply-To: bnomic-private-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
To: OrcInASpacesuit@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: BNomic-Private -- confirmation of subscription -- request 642380
Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2002 23:17:12 +0100

BNomic-Private -- confirmation of subscription -- request 642380

We have received a request from for subscription of your
email address, <OrcInASpacesuit@xxxxxxxxxxx>, to the
bnomic-private@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mailing list.  To confirm the request,
please send a message to bnomic-private-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, and

- maintain the subject line as is (the reply's additional "Re:" is

- or include the following line - and only the following line - in the
message body:

confirm 642380

(Simply sending a 'reply' to this message should work from most email
interfaces, since that usually leaves the subject line in the right

If you do not wish to subscribe to this list, please simply disregard
this message.  Send questions to bnomic-private-admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Please Note: I am appearently "request 642380". That must mean that there are 642379 other people on this mailing list of bd's. I wonder who the others are? My, this sure is an interesting prospect for spammers. 642380 live addresses. No wonder only the administrator is the only one that can see the messages. Maybe we should all compare spam to see if bd sends all our addresses to some company(s). I'm sure he does, as that's $70,000 easy dollars for each time he sells it. ;)

Seriously, though, be sure not to use the same password as for the new mailing list, as who knows who has access to it? If some uncrupulus person at UCAM got your password, and it's the same as, say, your online banking password, they just have to type in your email address and the password. And if bd got a hold of it, imagine all the havoc he could cause in Nomic? :)

Orc In A Spacesuit
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