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[spoon-discuss] Changes

First, I have cleaned up my proposal a lot, reduceing redundancy, spliiting up parts, and adding lots of clarity everywhere (I hope).

Now, the real reason for posting: Since this kinda restructures things, I think that part of this proposal should be, after everything else takes effect, all the values of the different objects should be restated (like what each player has in ier inventory, and what objects are on The Grid). Anyway, to keep the proposal from reaching truly gargantuan proportions, I want to post these values in something like The Roster on a web page, and refer to that page in the proposal. This Roster I post could even be copied by Dave and actually used for a Roster, or put into a database and displayed dynamically by him. If it were used for the Roster.

Any thoughts about the legality of this, preference of whether or not I do this, suggestions, questions, or (more) obscene guestures?

Orc In A Spacesuit
Current Status: Not yet in the game, yet really trying to make the game clearer and simpler.

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