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Re: [spoon-discuss] A lot of replies

BvS: -I shudder in anticipation.-

Orc: I am currently writing a proposal that should clarify a few things in the rules (Like Mithandir, but *much* more extensive),

You think I'm done? Those were just the first 5 I hit.

No. What I meant was, I was writing ONE proposal that shouuld be much more extensive, involving the amendment and repeal of many rules. I already have about 5 pages written up on Notepad, most of which is in one new Uber-Rule. It's kind of like the Grand Unification Theory or whatever in physics, putting all the parts together and making sense of them. Don't worry, Dave, it should actually reduce the size of the rules.

Scratch that last sentence. DO worry, Dave, because if it passes, it will, as a side effect, require a new way of doing the Roster and Ministries. The new way will be simpler and clearer, though, and as I have programming/web page experience, am willing to 'help you adjust' :). Oh, and the Uber Proposal is now up to 9 pages now. It doesn't really change how the game is played, it just simplifies and standardizes mostly. After this monster is done is when I plan to get into the fun stuff :).

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