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Re: [spoon-discuss] Reply: Wonko's stock market fix

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Not legal, as this contradicts the No Kickbacks rule. How about make the proposal be A: Fix the stock market and B: make the game changes if and only if C: no other kill wonko proposal passes.

Also, Wonko said, "Silliness is relative - compared to some proposals, this is downright sensible. [[Ahem... Proposal 591...]]" in another post. Can anyone either quote or paraphrase that proposal, or give me better directions to find it than 'in the spoon-discuss archives'? I can search through them all, but would rather not if possible.

Orc In A Spacesuit
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-Who said the kickbacks were part of the proposal? Wonko can just give 100 BNS to all his supporters afterwards.-


Hmm. In that case, he should extend Offers to each of us stating what he will do. That way it's still official. In any case, I believe everyone should receive the full effects of the fix, not just those intimidated into voting. I think that if he makes a good proposal, it will pass on its own merits, and he doesn't need to goad anyone. No offence intended in any of this, of course.

A moment after thinking of the above, I realized that Offers can result in a very wide loophole in the Kickbacks rule.

Orc In A Spacesuit
Current Status:  Not in the game

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