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Re: [spoon-discuss] Reply: Wonko's stock market fix

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Okay, how about this: When we have a business list again, I'll propose something to fix the holes in the Stock Exchange. If my fix passes and none of these "nuke Wonko's assets" proposals does, I'll give 100BNS to everyone who voted for mine and against every 'kill me' proposal, keep 300 BNS and 15 points for myself, and give everything else to the bank.

Then I'll sell all my excess stocks, and give all the profits to the bank, and repeat that until all my stocks are gone.

Would that satisfy people? I get 15 points, instead of the expected 100, 300 BNS, instead of the proposed 500, and all of you get 100 each, to get the economy going?


Not legal, as this contradicts the No Kickbacks rule. How about make the proposal be A: Fix the stock market and B: make the game changes if and only if C: no other kill wonko proposal passes.

I believe I'm empowered to give other people my money simply as an action. True, that way you can't be certain that I'd go through with it, but if I don't A) You can all propose something far nastier to me next nweek and B) If I ever need to make a "Gentleman's agreement" with all of you again, none of you will trust me.

Though actually, now that I consider the terms I suggested, I might actually be better off just letting WC's anti-me proposal pass - it looks less anti-me than I am...

Also, Wonko said, "Silliness is relative - compared to some proposals, this is downright sensible. [[Ahem... Proposal 591...]]" in another post. Can anyone either quote or paraphrase that proposal, or give me better directions to find it than 'in the spoon-discuss archives'? I can search through them all, but would rather not if possible.

Somebody may have said this already - I haven't read the next 50 waiting messages - but if you click the 'historical documents' button you can call forth historical objects by number.

P591 was one of Uin's proposals. It said something to the effect of "Repeal all rules in numerical order, except that rule 32 shall be repealed last."

Which reminds me, bd's prop in its current form would destroy the ruleset, as the first change would be implemented, that is, the repeal of the ruleset, afterwhich there would be no basis for the execution of the latter part of the proposal, or indeed for the existence of the proposal.


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