Baron von Skippy on 7 Aug 2002 04:37:06 -0000

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Re: [spoon-discuss] For what it's worth...

>>Why don't we go find some random chat forum attached to a website
>>and bombard it with our -business messages?
>-May I suggest the Yahoogroup at ? A
>group of people I met last summer who are alternately quite funny and
>horrendously annoying, and it would be funny to confuse the hell out of
>by all joining and using their group as a forum for Nomic stuff (aka
>gibberish). It wouldn't be seen as out of the ordinary, either- a lot of
>members are coming in around now.-

Or you and bd can use it for another round of Calvinball...


-No, these people would join in... good idea, though. Although we /could/ tell them the game is closed to nonplayers.-


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