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[spoon-discuss] Stock Market v2.0's what I've got so far.  Opinions, anyone?

{{ _Marching through Wall Street_

Replace the text of Rule 946 with the following:

A. Definitions

Entities can have Stock associate with them, measured in Shares of Stock.  A single Stock, corresponding to a particular entity, has a finite number of Shares, which must be stated when the Stock is created.

Shares of Stock are owned by game entities.  They can be freely given between entities, can be given in conjunction with an Offer, and can be purchased and sold for quantities of shillings as specified in the rules.

An entity that has Stock is that Stock's Issuer.  Shares of an Issuer's Stock owned by the Issuer are Issuer Shares; Shares of that Stock not owned by the Issuer are Outstanding Shares.

Stock of a type of Issuer is "(Issuer type) Stock," e.g. player stock, gremlin stock, etc.  Stock of a particular Issuer is "(Issuer name) Stock," e.g. Fred stock, Rocky stock, etc.

B. The Bank

The Bank can own Stock.  Entities can purchase Stock from and sell stock to the Bank at the Bank's current purchase and sale prices for that Stock, stated in shillings per share.

An entity cannot have Stock if the Bank's purchase and sale prices for that type of entity's stock, or formulae or methods for determining same, are not stated in the rules. (For example, Rocky cannot have stock if the Bank's purchase and sale prices for gremlin stock are not defined.)

Issuers cannot sell Issuer shares to the Bank.

C. Types of Stock

The following types of entities can have stock:

C.1. Corporations

There exist entities known as Corporations.  Corporations can have Stock.  When a Corporation is created, all its shares of Stock are initialy owned by the Bank; the Bank's purchase price for the new Corporation is 11 and its sale price is 9.

If the Bank's purchase price for a given Corporation's Stock is ever zero or less, the Corporation has gone Bankrupt; it and its Stock cease to exist.  If a Corporation listed in this subsection goes Bankrupt, it is removed from the list.  If fewer than five Corporations are in the list, the Administrator may, at eir discretion, add Corporations to bring the total back to five; the formations of these Corporations must be announced on a public forum.

At the beginning of each nweek, the Bank's purchase and sale prices for shares of each Corporation are re-calculated.  For a given Corporation, N is added to both the Bank's purchase price and the Bank's sale price, where N is (1d5)-3.

Corporations that exist are:

- Nonconsolidated Meringue
- Ocelot Livers, Inc.
- Mostly Empty Space Enterprises
- Interplanetary Underwriters
- Cauchy's Revenge


I left out player and proposal stock for a reason.  Proposal stock I'm going to redo in a separate rule called Paramutual Betting.  Player stock will either be a separate proposal contingent on this one, or the second section of this one in the form of an a la carte prop.

Questions?  Comments?  Obscene gestures?


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