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Re: [spoon-discuss] Reply: Wonko's stock market fix

On 8/6/02 at 4:04 PM Orc WithASpacesuit wrote:

>[previous text removed for brevity]
>>Okay, how about this: When we have a business list again, I'll propose
>>something to fix the holes in the Stock Exchange. If my fix passes and
>>of these "nuke Wonko's assets" proposals does, I'll give 100BNS to
>>who voted for mine and against every 'kill me' proposal, keep 300 BNS and
>>15 points for myself, and give everything else to the bank.
>>Then I'll sell all my excess stocks, and give all the profits to the
>>and repeat that until all my stocks are gone.
>>Would that satisfy people? I get 15 points, instead of the expected 100,
>>300 BNS, instead of the proposed 500, and all of you get 100 each, to get
>>the economy going?
>Not legal, as this contradicts the No Kickbacks rule.  How about make the
>proposal be A: Fix the stock market and B: make the game changes if and
>if C: no other kill wonko proposal passes.

Actually, it can be done using Offers.  Wonko can Offer to pay a sum of shillings, in exchange for which people will cast a vote in favor of his proposal and votes against the others.

>Also, Wonko said, "Silliness is relative - compared to some proposals,
>is downright sensible. [[Ahem... Proposal 591...]]" in another post.  Can
>anyone either quote or paraphrase that proposal, or give me better
>directions to find it than 'in the spoon-discuss archives'?  I can search
>through them all, but would rather not if possible.

Check out the "Historical Docs" link on the B Nomic page.  You can enter the number of an object, be it rule, proposal or CFJ, and get all versions of that object.


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