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Re: [spoon-discuss] For what it's worth...

>> ...Not only is the clock off, but Dave has disconnected the business
>> which means, among other things...
>> - Wonko still has the scarf;
>> - Orc in a Spacesuit hasn't joined yet;
>> - bd hasn't yet appealed CFI 887 (or any other CFI...sheesh); and
>> - Wonko hasn't caught the can of beer thrown at em;
>> ...and these actions aren't even being queued, since they haven't
>reached a
>> public forum.
>> On the upside, we now have a new subgame, thanks to Rule 29 which says
>> if there's no public forum the Administrator is required to create one,
>> isn't required to publicly announce where it is. Therefore, I am pleased
>> to announce we are now playing...
>> *****************!!!!!!!!!!!FIND THE FORUM!!!!!!!!!!!******************
>> Yes, folks, logic dictates that SOMEWHERE OUT THERE on the net there's a
>> public forum the Administrator has created JUST FOR US!  All we have to
>> is FIND IT!!!!
>> So, the first person to discover where this great and wonderful secret
>> forum is will be the GRAND PRIZE WINNER!  And just WHAT is the grand
>> you ask?  I don't know, but I bet it's been announced on THE PUBLIC
>> So let's get out there and FIND THAT SUCKER!!!
>> I myself am starting at, because if I was gonna hide
>> something, the south pole strikes me as a pretty good place...
>> Don't forget to announce your success on the public forum ONCE YOU FIND
>> GOOD LUCK GUYS!!!  See you at the finish line!
>FOUND IT! It's spoon-discuss!

*BEEEEEEEP* Sorry, too obvious. Mr. A just left that one as a red herring.

You might try former member nations of the late Soviet Union. If people can lose nuclear weapons in there, a website should be hard to find too.


How about one of the other forums? I like "aesthetics: aesthetics at the university of minnesota" myself.

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