Glotmorf on 6 Aug 2002 02:46:07 -0000

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[spoon-discuss] For what it's worth...

...Not only is the clock off, but Dave has disconnected the business forum, which means, among other things...

- Wonko still has the scarf;
- Orc in a Spacesuit hasn't joined yet;
- bd hasn't yet appealed CFI 887 (or any other CFI...sheesh); and
- Wonko hasn't caught the can of beer thrown at em;

...and these actions aren't even being queued, since they haven't reached a public forum.

On the upside, we now have a new subgame, thanks to Rule 29 which says that if there's no public forum the Administrator is required to create one, but isn't required to publicly announce where it is.  Therefore, I am pleased to announce we are now playing...

*****************!!!!!!!!!!!FIND THE FORUM!!!!!!!!!!!******************

Yes, folks, logic dictates that SOMEWHERE OUT THERE on the net there's a public forum the Administrator has created JUST FOR US!  All we have to do is FIND IT!!!!

So, the first person to discover where this great and wonderful secret forum is will be the GRAND PRIZE WINNER!  And just WHAT is the grand prize, you ask?  I don't know, but I bet it's been announced on THE PUBLIC FORUM!  So let's get out there and FIND THAT SUCKER!!!

I myself am starting at, because if I was gonna hide something, the south pole strikes me as a pretty good place...

Don't forget to announce your success on the public forum ONCE YOU FIND IT!

GOOD LUCK GUYS!!!  See you at the finish line!


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