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[spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] nweek 21 VOTE RESULTS

Did WC not vote?

Proposal 895/0 (Chits of Proposal) (Wild Card):
AFF: bd, Wonko
NEG: Athena, Baron von Skippy, Glotmorf, The Voice
Counts (Y/N/A/S) : (2-4-0-0). Measure fails.
Wild Card loses 2 points.

I still think this was better than the current, non-functional system. And more interesting. Details to follow....

Proposal 913/2 (Precipitation) (The Voice):
AFF: bd, The Voice
NEG: Athena, Baron von Skippy
ODD: Glotmorf
Counts (Y/N/A/S) : (2-2-0-0). Measure fails.
(Vote irregularities: Glotmorf voted Yes on part 1 and Shelve on part 2.)
Multivotes or Oddvotes counted (1). Adjust totals manually.
Section 1 passes, Section 2 fails and is shelved.
Created 405/5.
Created 943/0 (proposal).
The Voice scores 8 points (1) and loses 1 point (2).

Did I forget to vote on this one? Or did WC not vote?

Proposal 924/0 (Hey, I'm a *snort* Gremlin Too!) (M-Tek):
AFF: Baron von Skippy, bd, Glotmorf, Iain, The Voice, Wonko
NEG: Athena
Counts (Y/N/A/S) : (6-1-0-0). Measure passes.
(This proposal probably should have specified that it repealed rule 753,
but, well, it didn't. Since both r753 and the newly-created r256.B.12
cover the same ground, I would interpret it as meaning there are two PIGs
right now, but that's just my interpretation, obviously.)
Created 256/9.
M-Tek scores 13 points.

I would say there's just the one PIG, but it's now *really certain* what it does each nweek.

Proposal 936/0 (Need a hand?) (Wonko):
AFF: Athena, bd, Glotmorf, The Voice, Wonko
NEG: Baron von Skippy
Counts (Y/N/A/S) : (5-1-0-0). Measure passes.
Created 950/0.
(The proposal and rule don't specify that the Hands are actually located
anywhere -- someone may want to actually randomly place 'em on the Grid
with a prop for next nweek.)
Wonko scores 14 points.

It's on my 'To Do' List...


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