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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Fix

On 8/3/02 at 12:03 AM The Voice wrote:

>>From: "Jeremy \"Athena\" Cook" <mcfoufou@xxxxxxxxx>
>>__Stock Control__
>>Add the following to Rule 946, section C:
>>"A player's stock may not be purchased if the price is 0 BNS."
>>Set Wonko's Bank Account to 500 BNS.
>>Set Wonko's Share Ownership to 0.
>>Give Wonko 1 point of Respect.
>>Lower Wonko's Score by 100 points [[to make up for the 100 he gets from
>>his huge bank account this week]].
>This would work if not for the fact that Bank Account and Share Ownership
>are undefined-- a simple rewording would suffice.

The stock exchange is not messed up solely with respect to's generally messed up.  It's only spectacularly messed up with respect to Wonko.

Therefore, how about something along the lines of, "Adjust player scores and shilling balances to negate all stock-market-related transactions that occurred this nweek" or something similar?


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