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[spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] The Daily Recognizer (Friday afternoon)

All vSOI members get their free nweekly Gnome. (They're on the Roster.)
(The new Gnome Minister should get in touch with me to determine how e
wants to handle this sort of thing -- should Gnomes continue to be listed here, or just on whatever Web page the Gnome Ministry sets up?)
-Well, I've taken everything you've got on the Roster down, and I don't know how to do Web pages... I was thinking of just announcing status in a Recognizer-like thing when things happen. Or every couple of days. Whichever is more frequent.-

The Illegally Obtained Ballot is awarded to Baron von Skippy. (bd and BvS
tied, but bd had it last nweek.)
-Whoa... I actually got something? Oh, it was illegally obtained. Somehow, that makes sense...-

(For the record, my interpretation of the Stock Exchange rule is that
there are effectively infinite shares of every stock, including all player
and proposal stocks. And everyone who said they were merely buying a
player's stock only bought 1 share unless specified otherwise. I *think*
the rules back me up on this one...)
-We'll pretend they do for now.-

Baron von Skippy buys 1 share each of Athena (10 BNS), bd (4 BNS), Dan (7
BNS), Glotmorf (29 BNS), Mithrandir (0 BNS), The Voice (25 BNS), Wild Card
(3 BNS), and Wonko (29 BNS).
-I knew I should have sent that "I buy your stock again" thing to s-b... Mithrandir's worth a lot more now, percentagewise.-

Wonko effectively robs the Bank, buying an obscene number of shares in
Mithrandir, giving the latter 11 points, then selling as many shares as
can be sold before the bank busts... I'm pretty damn sure eir action is
legal, sadly. E now owns many many shares of Mithrandir that e can't sell,
since there's no rules for players trading stock, and the bank is
bankrupt. (This is a Bad Thing, by the way.)
-Wonko, you bastard! I was about to do that!-

CFI 887 is reassigned to Athena.
-Wait... you mean the newbie /doesn't/ get a CFI upon entering?-


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