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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Stock 'n' stuff

>>>>What about Mithrandir?
>>>-Good idea. I purchase the player stock of Mithrandir.-
>>>                                                   -BvS-
>>I purchase the player stock of BvS. So there.
Well, no, as a matter of fact, it doesn't say anywhere you can't buy a stock that someone else has bought...

So. I purchase the player stocks of Athena, bd, Dan, The Voice, Wild Card, and Wonko.

I then sell the player stocks of Athena, bd, Dan, The Voice, Wild Card and Wonko.

That should take the stocks away from the Baron, with no recompense to em, and no net change in my shilling balance.

Well, that was random. What happened to 'making sense at all hours'?

Look at the rule. It says a) you can't buy a player's 'stock'. You can buy shares of it, but not the whole thing. b) there's no limit to how many shares of each stock can be bought, by any one player or by many different players. c) Just because you sold your shares doesn't mean anyone else loses theirs.

Or maybe I'm missing something - is there a rule somewhere that says "Anyone may do anything to the gamestate, provided that what they do is stupid"?
There should be.

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