Donald Whytock on 28 Feb 2002 05:18:42 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: Immunity Idol/ Respect

On 2/27/02 at 4:54 PM Tyler Crosby wrote:

>{{ _Mommy, my Idol's broken!_
>Replace the second paragraph of rule 293/0 with the following -0-
>The player who holds the Immunity Idol:
>1)May hold any gremlin for any amount of time.  If a player loses the Idol
>while they are holding a gremlin, the time limit starts from the point at
>which they lost the Idol.
>2)May be "hit" by any gremlin without a point loss.  If a gremlin hits the
>player with the Idol, e immediately goes into Hiding.
>3)May forego making debt payments to Luigi without penalty.
>4)May NOT curse any other player or be cursed emselves.
>5)May NOT recieve the Token of Proposals.
>6)May NOT Climb Through the Window.
>7)May NOT have any of eir proposals eaten by the PIG.
>Any rule which creates a gremlin which directly affects players must also
>amend this rule to specify how that gremlin would affect the player with
>Also, give said rule a chutzpah of 2. [[Easier than going through and
>writing down all the rules this rule now has to take precedence over...]]

Rather than requiring "any rule which creates a gremlin" to modify your new rule, how about "any proposal creating a rule which creates a gremlin", so that instead of trying to handle conflicting rules, the act that doesn't comply is cut off at the root.  Even if it's passed without a CFJ, it wasn't a valid proposal in the first place, and CFJing it later can still knock out the rule.