Alex Truelsen on 28 Feb 2002 02:41:15 -0000

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spoon-discuss: The following message

Hey, all.
I need to alter my rule "a flaming Gremlin named Bruce"s (You're right, uin, "proosal" IS better than "proposal"), and wish to do that without any massive argument over the legality of my finding underhanded ways to speak around the Sushi. So, I found an underhanded way to speak around the Sushi long enough to get rid of the accursed thing. What follows will be the un-sushiied text of the message I will post immediatly after this one. Interpret the next message to mean this:

"I give the Cursed Sushi of Babel to The Voice, because everyone flying needs an appropriate in-flight meal. I hope e enjoys having it as much as I did. Goodbye, foul raw fish."

I hope this doesn't confuse anybody. If it does, please refer to my other Nomic game's Help Page at . Thank you.


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