Donald Whytock on 19 Feb 2002 19:03:08 -0000

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RE: spoon-discuss: So, what should I be doing?

On 2/19/02 at 8:35 AM Jonathan Van Matre wrote:

>While we're on the subject of improvements, I'm curious about how you've
>structured the database.  Being a DBA by day, I might be able to offer
>some suggestions in that area, both to improve performance, and possibly
>add a handy way to enable the intra-page links.
>Can you dump CREATE TABLE scripts for the tables and send them my way?  If
>you're really feeling the Copious Free Time, a TOP 10 * result set from
>each table would be handy as well.

Or even post them to the mailing list?  Sounds like there's maybe six or seven tables...schemas for those should be shorter than some proposals we've seen. :)