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Re: spoon-discuss: statute of limitations

> Because events in the past affect events in the present. If we can't
> know what the past is, we can't know what the present is. Or,
> depending on the wording, it wouldn't work because we could just CFJ
> the parts of the current gamestate which were dependant on the past
> actions, and thus get ourselves back in the "235 nweeks of
> recalculation" position. We *need* to, at some point, change the
> gamestate to what we say, or we'll have to redo all our records

This is exactly why 129/2 is perilous.  Because until 20 days after an
action has been taken we have no way of calculating the state the game was
in at any time after that action.

OTOH under 129/1 we had a game state at all times.  When an action is
taken (or recognized) it affects the game state immediately.  CFJs can be
used to reconstruct the game state if it turns out that the action was in

How s this for a revised draft based strongly on 129/1:

__Legality of Actions/Statute of Limitations__

Actions taken in a public forum are assumed to be legal when recognized by
the Administrator.  Otherwise they are assumed to be illegal, therefore
not actions.

Judgement of a CFJ may correct the recognition of the illegal only if the
CFJ is submitted within two nweeks of the alleged illegal recognition.

Judgement of a CFJ may correct the failure to reconize a legal action only
if the CFJ is submitted within two nweeks of the alleged legal action.



I think this one will actually work. It does what I think UP wanted to do, and makes it easier. People are going to make problems about the CFJ system being used here, but we're going to have to fix that too. I propose that we use this opportunity to plan out how to fix the justice system as well... it is a natural follow-up to the statute being set.

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