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spoon-discuss: Storming the Bastille and running into the walls

You know, if Uncle P had meant for 129/2 to have this effect, it would
be a brilliant way to win. Especially since he very charismatically
convinced five people to vote for it. (Yes, I should have objected to it
louder... but given UP's past failed proposals, I really doubted that
such a logic-defying proposal would ever pass.)

But if this really does cause an irreversible descent into paradox, then
it's Glotmorf who gets the win, because he took the pseudo-Action.
Rob Speer

Actually, I don't think there's anything in the rules that says that if a paradoxical condition is caused by a player, that player is awarded a win. And, even if there did, rule 0 would take precedence over it, as the two would conflict. The "paradox win" rule would say, "if an unresolveable paradoxical condition exists, (a) will happen," and rule zero says, "if an unresolveable paradoxical condition exits, (b) will happen." Rule 0 will take precendence (since neither has chutzpah greater than one), and no win will be awarded, unless it is part of the refresh proposal which passes. In Suber's original ruleset, there is a provision for a player winning if they are unable to complete a turn, but we have no such rule. If r129/2 really is broken, then neither Glormorf nor Uncle Psy will win automatically from it. It will have to get through the other players first.

Wow, that's too much thinking for 7:20 in the morning...

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