Donald Whytock on 14 Feb 2002 05:34:02 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: A future proposal

On 2/13/02 at 8:06 PM Eric Gerlach wrote:

>There have finally been flaws pointed out in Uncle Psychosis' proposal
>(after all the empty bickering).  Going back to 129/1 isn't going to fix
>anything.  It was equally broken, perhaps moreso.  If you're going to do
>anything it should be to move in a forwards direction, not a backwards
>My Nomic philosophy is: "If it's not *critically* (i.e. not fixable in one
>nweek) broken, but it does some good, vote it in and fix it the next
>nweek."  I think that's good advice, and we'd do well to follow it.  We've
>done that with Uncle Psychosis' version of 129.  It's better than its
>predecessor, but not perfect.  *SO*, instead of taking a step back, lets
>continue to fix problems.
>Not to mention, don't we trust the admin?  Sure he's human and makes
>mistakes, but there are many eyes in the game... don't you think we'll
>catch it?
>Oh, and we've got plenty of time to save the game from "death".  No rush
>on this.

I'm not so sure about that.  After all, Uncle Psy's proposal is already dead.

See...when I posted that objection about its passage, I was following r129/2, in that I was objecting to Mr. A's statement that the proposal passed.  R129/2 doesn't say that said objection is an action, or even that it has to go to a public forum, but must be a message sent to all players; there's been enough activity on spoon-discuss that I'm fairly confident all players got my message.

And therefore, in about eighteen days, when the game state is adjusted to reflect statements made by Mr. A two days ago, said adjustment won't include the passage and implementation of Uncle Psy's proposal, because I objected to that part of the statement.

At which point, r129/2 will not have been implemented, r129/1 which was brought about by Wonko's passed proposal will be in place, and Uncle Psy will be short by as many points as Mr. A claimed e received.  All in accordance with r129/2.

Which will have bitten us in the butt within 20 days of its passage, as I said it would. :)