Donald Whytock on 13 Feb 2002 15:42:34 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: Judgment on CFJ 388

On 2/13/02 at 9:08 AM Karin L. Kross wrote:

>CFJ 388 (Judge: Congenital Optimist)
>CFJ by Uncle Psychosis
>> Statement: Uncle Psychosis got 10 points for submitting proosal 
>> 376. 
>> Defendant: Glotmorf 
>> Rule 357 states: 
>> Players submiting
>> Proposals in haiku form
>> Earn 10 extra points
>> A player who submits a proposal in haiku form earns 10 Score 
>> points if the proposal is adopted, in addition to any points 
>> received as a normal consequence of the adoption of a 
>> proposal." 
>> To me, that reads as 10 points for submitting it, and another 
>> 10 if it passes. 
>Ruling: FALSE
>Analysis: Cloudy though the wording of the original rule may be, 
>it seems fairly clear to me that the intention was to use the 
>haiku as an introduction, and the prose paragraph as a full 
>explanation.  The prose paragraph seems clear to me: "earns 10 
>Score points _if the proposal is adopted_" (emphasis mine). 
>-Congenital Optimist

Since I was named as defendant, can I counter-sue for punitive damages? :)