Alex Truelsen on 13 Feb 2002 04:05:56 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: I it will be able to present a rule insid

Two points, one substantial, one aesthetic:

1)  You can't propose anything as the Clock is Off (methinks)
2)  You don't have to make a rule that does that.  Just place the actions
in the proposal body, and don't bother cluttering up the ruleset.  Some
people might vote against this just for that bit.

Oh.... and you didn't close the proposal properly.  Moot point seeing as
how you can't currently propose though.


-If I already responded, ignore this message. My comp and Hotmail are both acting really odd.

First, oops. Fine, I don't propose it, I will when the Clock turns on.

Second, how can I not make a rule doing this? I don't follow what you're saying at all. How is this /cluttering/ the ruleset? The entire ruleset is in and of itself massive clutter! Example: the Sushi I hold...

Lastly, how did I not close properly, and how do I do so?-


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