Rob Speer on 10 Feb 2002 23:24:25 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: Ballot, nweek 7

My votes:

YES > Proposal 339/2: The All-Important Default Case (Rob)
YES > Proposal 342/2: Are you ready for some football! (Bean)
YES > Proposal 343/0: Just a little bit... (Bean)
 NO > Proposal 359/2: Run, Run, As Fast As You Can! (Wonko)
[[ I can see this interfering with other rules, and Wonko has too many
points anyway. ]]
 NO > Proposal 360/2: Let's Get Ready To GREMBALL!!!!! (Wonko)
[[ Too confusing. ]]
YES > Proposal 361/0: Broadening Horizons (Wonko)
YES > Proposal 362/1: Poetry In Motion (Bean)
YES > Proposal 363/0: You can only throw so far... (Wonko)
YES > Proposal 364/1: Not to be Confused with Sylvester Stallone (Glotmorf)
 NO > Proposal 365/0: Get AWAY From That! (Glotmorf)
[[ Take precedence over the Yeti? Why? ]]
YES > Proposal 366/0: My Recipe for Siren Pate (Glotmorf)
YES > Proposal 367/1: The Pause that Refreshes (Glotmorf)
 NO > Proposal 368/0: A Whole New Ball of Wax (Congenital Optimist)
[[ Too much stuff is being thrown around for me to keep track of
already. ]]
YES > Proposal 370/1: Windows aren't all bad! (The Voice)
 NO > Proposal 371/0: Judgement/Proposal overhaul (Dan)
YES > Proposal 372/1: This Ruleset isn't big enough for the both of us! (Dan)
YES > Proposal 373/0: Fixing my own mistakes (Scoff!)
YES > Proposal 374/0: Judicial Rear View (Scoff!)
YES > Proposal 375/1: Still a Few Bugs in the System (Wonko)
 NO > Proposal 376/0: Kill this man. (Uncle Psychosis)
 NO > Proposal 377/1: So damn ugly. (Uncle Psychosis)
[[ You think I would be crazy enough to accept a proposal by Uncle P
that puts arbitrary things into effect when nobody objects to them? ]]
 NO > Proposal 379/0: Vow of Poverty (Bean)
[[ Egad! Most people's respect would become extremely negative! Was the
losing-respect part only intended to apply to players who have taken a
Vow of Poverty? ]]
 NO > Proposal 380/0: And We Can Make Little Outfits For Them Too! (Glotmorf)
[[ Amusing, but useless. ]]
YES > Proposal 381/0: Weather (The Voice)
 NO > Proposal 382/0: The Yoyo Gremlin (The Voice)
[[ No good reason for this to be a Gremlin. The fact that we throw
Gremlins around started as an amusing side effect, so let it remain that
way. ]]
 NO > Proposal 383/0: Tilt (The Voice)
[[ I'd rather not screw with everything done to the Grid so far. ]]
 NO > Proposal 384/0: Ahh... (The Voice)
YES > Proposal 385/0: The Final Frontier (Rob)
YES > Proposal 386/0: Water, Water Everywhere (Congenital Optimist)

Rob Speer