Rob Speer on 5 Feb 2002 03:32:26 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: proosal

On Mon, Feb 04, 2002 at 11:01:44PM +0100, Antonio wrote:
> __Game State Reigns Supreme__
> {{Changes to the Game state may only be made as permitted by the rules}}
> [[Short enough to be made into a Haiku but clarity (and precise wording)
> are important here.
> The game state is loose enough a term to permit maneuvering space, while
> this rule places the whole Game state under the regulation of the rules.]]

How is this any different from my proposal?

And we've seen from things like 18 that you shouldn't have rules refer
to what other Rules allow unless you have to, because it screws with
overriding and deferring. That's why I phrased my proposal the way I
Rob Speer