Donald Whytock on 4 Feb 2002 03:22:37 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: Another revision

Two comments:

On 2/3/02 at 10:11 PM Wonko wrote:

>__The Game__
>There exists a list called the Gremball Roster, or just the Roster. Any
>player may put emself on the Roster by declaring so in a Public Forum, in
>which case e shall be added to the Roster at the end of that nweek. There
>exist two groups of players, called Teams, known as the Red Team and the
>Yellow Team. No player on the Roster can be on more than 1 Team. At the
>beginning of each nweek, each player on the Roster shall be randomly
>assigned to a Team, in such a way so that neither Team outnumbers the other
>by more than 1 player.
>If a player who is holding a Gremlin is Eaten by a Hippo, e and all players
>on eir team gain 2 points, and e loses possession of that Gremlin before
>being teleported by the Hippo.

"The Roster" is a non-unique name; it's already used in r24.

>There exist objects called Magnets. All players have magnets. If a player
>with a Magnet is within 3 squares of a player who holds a Gremlin, the
>player with a Magnet may Seize the other player's Gremlin, in which case
>Gremlin moves to the location and into the possession of the Seizing
>Utinam logica falsa tuam philosophiam totam suffodiant!

How many magnets do players initially have?  And how many does a player start with when e enters the game?