Wonko on 3 Feb 2002 14:45:39 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: new proposal: ptime

Quoth Donald Whytock,

> On 2/3/02 at 2:55 AM Dan wrote:
>> It looks pretty thorough to me.  The problem with this kind of rule is
>> that the game-breaking paradox all too often involves the rule which is
>> supposed to sort out the game-breaking paradox.
>> My only other comment is that it might be a good idea to specify what sort
>> of paradox you mean.  If I decide that my shell is green and I decide that
>> my shell is not green it hardly matters to the game.
>> Dan
> Then I suppose that would be the ruling. :)  But that is a good point...I
> didn't try to define paradox in this initial typing because I was hoping for
> feedback.  We've got seven days.
> So now we've got...what?  That the paradox in question must be one that
> interferes with the progress of the game (which colorizing your shell would
> fail to do)?
> Glotmorf

If it's a worthless statement, the Judge will judge REFUSED.
Also, how can two proposals tie for a majority of the votes? It seems like
the way its written now, if no proposal has a majority, nothing could
happen, since the rule requires that one be selected (can we CFJ that that's
a paradox? :)

Magister Mundi sum!