Donald Whytock on 1 Feb 2002 23:55:55 -0000

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RE: spoon-discuss: Rule 10 not repealed

On 2/1/02 at 10:35 AM Gavin Doig wrote:

>> Rule 11 says, "The Ruleset is the collective body of
>> current Rule versions. The Ruleset may be altered
>> only as provided therein."
>> And since there's no provision for altering the ruleset
>> as a player action,
>> declaring Rule 10 repealed doesn't
>> count.  Rule 11 takes precedence over Rule 129.
>> And, interestingly, over Rule 18.
>There's provision for something if the rules permit it. Rule 129 permits
>me to repeal rule 10. Rule 18 allows it because rule 129 does, and rule 11
>does too, for the same reason.
>uin. from what I understand, two nweeks ago you posted an Action to the public forum that you were repealing r10?  And it is your opinion that, since there was no CFJ to argue this Action, r129 makes this Action legal, and therefore r10 is now repealed?

Okay...Well, since r10 is still in the rules list, that means the Administrator didn't see, or ignored, your Action and didn't update the rule set to match your Action.  Since his Action, which was failing to act upon your Action, was also two nweeks ago, r129 says his Action can't be CFJ'd either, and therefore his Action is legal too.  And therefore, the current rule set listed on the website, which includes the not-repealed r10, is a reflection of his legal action, and consequently the legal state of the rule set.

Don't know why I didn't see that earlier...