Donald Whytock on 1 Feb 2002 11:02:06 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: Rule 17

On 1/31/02 at 6:26 PM Wonko wrote:

>I can't propose this yet, but how would people feel about it?
>__Only You can Save the Nomiverse__
>Amend rule 17 by replacing the sentence,
>'Actions occur upon reaching the appropriate Fora.'
>'Actions caused by players occur when they are recognized by the
>Administrator. The Administrator must recognize all actions unless e
>believes an action is either illegal or destructive of play. The Admin must
>recongnize all CFJ's. If the Admin refuses to recognize an Action, e must
>declare so in a Public Forum. All recognitions and refusals of recognition
>must happen in the same chronological order as the Actions they respond to
>arrived in a Public Forum.'
>[[Thus, really bad ideas can be culled by the Admin, but e must recognize
>if a CFJ challenges eir lack of Recognition]]
>Amend rule 28 to add the sentence 'All fora which have not been designated
>as Public are Private.'
>[[So now, if two players have a spoken conversation, we know that that's
>a Public Forum.]]
>Amend rule 128 to replace the text,
>'A Judge's decision shall have the force of law.'
>'If an Action is found to be illegal by a CFJ, it may not be recognized by
>the Admin or, if it already was, it is treated as if it was not recognized.
>If an Action which the Admin refused to recognize is found to be legal by a
>CFJ, e must recognize it.'
>[Much better than that 'Force of Law' garbage.]]
>Remove the last paragraph of rule 129, then remove the last sentence of
>[[Just some cleanup. Actions don't happen until they're recognized, so no
>changes are needed to prevent future "I repeal Rule 10" scams.]]
>If there is a rule 10, repeal it.
>Create a new Rule:
>__Follow The Rules__
>All game entities and the Administrator must always abide by all the Rules
>then in effect, in the form in which they are then in effect.
>Change the aforementioned rule's serial number to 10/1.
>[[Rule 10 may look useless, but the important word there is 'all'. Without
>it, what rules people are compelled to follow are unregulated, so I could
>say "I declare myself immune to Bandwidth Rationing" and hey!, it's
>Think this'll work?

I think the current version of Rule 10 is fine.  To say "all game entities and the Administrator" is to imply the Administrator is not a game entity, and I think he in fact is one.

Other than that, looks promising.