Donald Whytock on 31 Jan 2002 21:41:31 -0000

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Re: spoon-business: RE: spoon-discuss: Re: Game Action

On 1/31/02 at 2:40 PM Jonathan Van Matre wrote:

>The fact that I may be the only active player: There are multiple ways
>around this, including me CFJing myself, and then judging my own CFJ in
>For your suggestion that this could have more easily been accomplished by
>having everyone give all their points to dice.  The rules prohibit
>changes to my score except as explicitly permitted by the rules.
>I did notice (too late, alas) that I could have put everyone On Leave
>instead by the same method.  In retrospect, I would have done that
>instead.  I only spotted the (possible) forefeiture loophole first because
>the recent rash of forfeitures drew my attention to that section of the
>rule set.

Dude...Rule 14 regulates how a Player forfeits, and it takes precedence over Rule 18.  That means your action wasn't legal in the first place. So the question wasn't really the legality of your action...the question was whether the game state could be sufficiently altered in the short run by an illegal move that it couldn't be quashed by legal means.

Though I still think the Administrator has a tofuload of unregulated power available...