Eric Gerlach on 31 Jan 2002 18:02:50 -0000

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spoon-discuss: *sigh*

I'm not explicitly replying to anything, though it has implicit replies to
a great many emails that have found their way into my inbox in the last
few days.

This seems to have actually started with my misinterpretation of Rule
18... wherein I interpreted it as "anything that isn't prohibited is
permitted"... which was erroneous.  I have since given up that path,
thanks to the guidance of Plunder, and see a better interpretation of that

Now, I semi-agreed with uin's proposal to get rid of winning by points...
I think it's playing the game that's fun, not winning or getting points.
I actually had some other ideas with regard to that.

So that brings us to now, where Scoff! has possibly caused us all to
resign.  It's an interesting question, and I have spent some time scouring
the rules in order to find some sort of resolution.  That I will take care
of in the business forum presently.

For now, however, I'd like to congradulate Scoff!'s creativity in thinking
of this loophole, and condemn him for how he expoited it.  He could have
just caused us to give all our points to him, and we would have all had a
good laugh and gone on with life.  However we seem to be in an impasse
right now, as it seems possible that none of us are in the game.  Of
course, the game seems to be about to break itself too, as we have a CFJ
which cannot be Judged, and it must be... so....

That's enough griping, it's time to get in and fix this mess.  I might
need some help from someone else though to prevent the game from being
demolished.  You'll see your cue in a few minutes... anyone is free to
jump in.