Gavin Doig on 31 Jan 2002 13:23:00 -0000

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spoon-discuss: RE: spoon-business: Game Action

> Anyway, your unrecognizing ignore of my action
> raises another equally CFJ-worthy issue:  Can
> the Administrator legally ignore actions?  For
> example, if someone you intensely dislike posts
> eir intent to be a player, can you ignore it?  If I
> post a proposal you're not fond of, can you ignore
> that?  Starting to sound a lot like Imperial Nomic all of a sudden...
There are two quite distinct ways the admin can refuse to recognise something. The first is by ignoring someone's proosal, or CFJ, or whatever. This is one of those "illegal, but happens anyway" situations, because those proosals etc. only become recognised when he says so, so if he never recognises them, they can never happen. This only applies in those specific cases where the rules say that, for example, "A proposal is not considered "recognized" until it has been assigned a serial number by the Administrator". Generally, we could have rules penalising players for not taking mandated actions like that reasonably promptly, but he's *still* not  a player...

The other way is by refusing to update his records to reflect someone's actions, such as making all the other players forfeit, or arbitrarily repealing a rule. In these cases, he, or anyone else, can refuse to recognise them all they want, but doing so has absolutely no effect on anything (in the game - his web pages can still be wrong, but those are merely a convenience for us, not the actual gamestate). Now, those actions may still not work, but that's governed by the rules, not the admin's whim.


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