Rob Speer on 31 Jan 2002 00:00:28 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: Game Action

On Wed, Jan 30, 2002 at 05:11:13PM -0600, Jonathan Van Matre wrote:
> Well, I was only doing it to present a particularly engrossing case to CFJ what Glotmorf has been on about.  E has a point, however ill-chosen and/or misunderstood eir examples may have been.  Either permissibility of the unprohibited exists or it doesn't, and we've seen at least one major CFJ judgement that contradicts that principle.  Judgements can contradict each other, but they shouldn't be contradicting the rules just to prevent something we don't want to see happen.

Let me repeat that I've never seen such an utterly brain-dead
interpretation of that rule on any Nomic. I'm fairly sure it's part of
the Suber ruleset and that it generally works just fine.

You have to read more than just the title of rule 18. "Regulated" is the
key word. The line between what is regulated and what is not is drawn by
common sense, and I believe it cannot be done any other way.

I now believe that my CFJ from nweek 1, in which I stated that
arbitrarily giving oneself points was legal, and which has been held up
as a counterexample, was in error. Thankfully, none of the effects of it
have survived.

What do you propose should take rule 18's place? Should I CFJ you for
using adjectives? For being named "Jonathan"? For breathing while
posting to a public Forum?

Many of the problems we've had have come from my game-state proposal -
an essential part of the rules, from what I discovered in the
face-to-face Nomic I ran - being rejected. This causes things like
picking up a Gremlin and then defining a rule that involves it. But even
that wouldn't cover this toddler "I did it because you didn't tell me
not to" mentality.

Rob Speer