Gavin Doig on 30 Jan 2002 18:27:07 -0000

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spoon-discuss: RE: spoon-business: The Daily Recognizer (Wednesday afternoon)

> Rule 10 has NOT been repealed, unless you have a much more entertaining
> definition of rule 18/1 than I do. To the best of my knowledge, no rule
> explicitly or implicitly permits any player to single-handedly and
> unilaterally declare that a rule has been repealed. (I expect someone to
> CFJ it, rule 129 be damned, anyway. :)
Rule 129 (implicitly) permits it, as it legalises (i.e., permits) *all* player actions.

I note in passing that the admin failed to close his brackets at the end of the above paragraph. Bad admin, bad!


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