Greg Ritter on 30 Jan 2002 10:32:13 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: Proposal: GremBall

....Unless of course someone proposes something like this....

At 02:39 AM 1/30/2002 -0500, you wrote:
Whoa! I'm brain-dead. I didn't see the bandwidth rationing went up. Good thing I'm now inspired...

{{ _The Intercontinental Ballistic Gremlin_

Create a new rule:

{{ _GremBall_

Gremlins can be in a grid location, in Limbo, or in the posession of a Player.

If a Player is holding a Gremlin, e must throw it or drop it within two ndays, or become Burned and drop it where e is standing. A Player recovers from being Burned at the end of the nweek. Burned Players cannot catch thrown Gremlins.

If a Player and a Gremlin are in the same grid location, or a Player and a Gremlin are both in Limbo, the Player may pick up the Gremlin.

A Player in Limbo can throw a Gremlin at a grid location or a Player in a grid location. A Player in a grid location can throw a Gremlin into Limbo or at a Player in Limbo. Gremlins cannot be thrown at Players who are On Leave.

If a Gremlin is thrown at a Player, the Player must, as an action, catch the Gremlin within two ndays of it being thrown. If the Player does not or cannot catch the Gremlin, the Gremlin hits the Player, who then loses 1d5 score points; the Gremlin then falls where the Player is standing.

Place all Gremlins that are not already on the grid or in Players' posession into Limbo.

Replace the last sentence of Rule 256 with the following text:

"When a Gremlin is first defined by the rules, it starts out Active and in Limbo unless the defining rule specifies otherwise."