Donald Whytock on 25 Jan 2002 00:09:05 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: Precedence

On 1/24/02 at 6:38 PM Wonko wrote:

>__I'm Higher on the Food Chain!__
>Amend rule 33 to be:
>Each Rule has an attribute called Chutzpah, which is a positive integer. In
>the event of a conflict between two or more rules, the rule with the
>Chutzpah takes precedence.
>If two or more rules have equal Chutzpah, the rule with the lowest
>identification number takes precedence.
>If at least one of the rules in conflict explicity says of itself that it
>defers to another rule (or type of rule), then such provisions shall
>supersede the Chutzpah method for determining precedence.
>If two or more rules claim to take precedence over each other or to defer
>one another, then the Chutzpah method again governs.
>Whenever one section of a rule conflicts with another section of the same
>rule, the section which appears later in the rule takes precedence over the
>earlier section.
>Give all rules a Chutzpah of 1.
>Amend rule 217 to add the text 'When these delimiters are used to delimit a
>rule, they must be followed by a string of the form <<keywordlist,
>Chutzpahvalue>>, where keywordlist is a list of words, and Chutzpahvalue is
>a number. A rule defined this way shall automatically be assigned all
>keywords in the keywordlist, if any, and has a Chutzpah of Chutzpahvalue.'
>We need a better way of doing precedence, and I think this will work. The
>bit about the standard delimiters allows means that a rule followed by
><<(Gremlins, Pointsgained, Pointslost, Grid, FuzzyBunnies), 10>> has the
>keywords Gremlins, Pointsgained, Pointslost, Grid, and FuzzyBunnies, and
>a Chutzpah of 10.
>Vir prudens non contra ventum mingit.

What if rules' Chutzpah was adjustable/modifiable, depending on, say, time gone without modification, or number of CFJs they were applied in?  Such that rules have more Chutzpah if they demonstrate themselves to be bigger and badder than other rules? :)