Doig, Gavin on 23 Jan 2002 13:10:34 -0000

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RE: spoon-discuss: RE: Numbering the monkeys

> Precedence by numbering only makes sense if the lowest numbered rules are 
> designed to be the most foundational. As it is, in our game, it's more 
> important (according to precedence) that the game be named B Nomic than 
> that players obey the rules. :-/
We need *some* system of precedence. It's either a simple rule (lowest
number, highest number, alphabetically by last letter, whatever) or we need
to keep a list of every rule, stating what takes precedence over what. Since
we already have one list of all the rules (the ruleset), it'd be useful to
renumber them all to reflect some kind of sensible precedence order. But
apparently the admin's not put enough flexibility into his database. ;-)


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