Eric Gerlach on 18 Jan 2002 15:49:37 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: Proosal

On Fri, 18 Jan 2002, Doig, Gavin wrote:

> <proosal>
> <title>Walk unafraid.</title>
> <body>
> Repeal rule 10.
> </body>
> <proosal>

I hate to say it, but even though it may seem redundant, I'm scared to
repeal Rule 10.  It just seems like a good thing to have written down
*somewhere* and it will protect us if some loophole allows someone do
break the rules somehow.  It's not doing any harm, is it?

If there is a reason it *is* doing harm... I'd like to hear it.