Eric Gerlach on 16 Jan 2002 01:18:44 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: Proposal: N Heads are Better Than 1


This is a vague and dangerous proposal in its current form. While I half-agree with the spirit behind this proposal, I'm not at all confident with the execution. With this, 2 players could team up to completely circumvent the Bandwidth Rationing process. Not to mention, a rule which did the same thing as bandwidth rationing, but not named "Bandwidth Rationing" could possibly circumvent this entirely...

Perhaps adding something akin to the following would work: "The unordered set containing the player names in <namelist> is known as the Team submitting the proposal. Each Team may only submit one Team Proposal per nweek." That way, you would have to have different teams for each team proposal, makes it harder to spam the system. I'm still not sure if I like that (creates a whole "alliances" aspect to the game), but that would make the proposal much better.

I would also suggest changing: "Team Proposals are not subject to Bandwidth Rationing." to something akin to "If there is any restriction on the number or size of proposals submitted by one player, Team Proposals do not count towards that restriction", that way it qualifies for any current or future rationing.


At 01:34 AM 2002-01-15 -0500, you wrote:
{{ _N Heads are Better Than 1_

Create a new rule:

{{ _N Heads are Better Than 1_

A Team Proposal is a proposal submitted by more than one person. A Team Proposal must be identified as such by the inclusion of the following text:

        "Team Proposal, submitted by <namelist>"

where <namelist> is the list of names of players submitting the proposal. Note that the definition of "team" here does not indicate any relationship between the players outside the context of the Team Proposal.

A Team Proposal is posted to the public forum by a single player. It is then recognized by the Administrator as a Provisional Proposal. Thereafter, each player in the <namelist> other than the original posting player must post an acknowledgment of their being part of the proposal's team, in order for the Team Proposal to be recognized as a Proposal.

Any player in <namelist> may submit a revision to the Team Proposal, though not to the <namelist> within it. However, if a player revokes his acknowledgment of the proposal, the proposal is withdrawn with no point loss.

If a Team Proposal passes, it receives the same number of points as a non Team Proposal; each player in <namelist> receives an equal portion of those points, rounded down, or 2 points, whichever is greater. If a Team Proposal fails, it loses the same number of points as a non Team Proposal; each player in <namelist> loses an equal portion of those points, rounded down, or 1 point, whichever is greater.

If a Team Proposal is still a Provisional Proposal at the time of voting, it is excluded from the ballot, and is considered to have failed; for calculating point losses, <namelist> comprises the original poster, and those who acknowledged the proposal.

Team Proposals are not subject to Bandwidth Rationing.