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RE: spoon-discuss: RE: spoon-business: Proposal: No Kickbacks (Ju stice, Administered Piecemeal)

Title: RE: spoon-discuss: RE: spoon-business: Proposal: No Kickbacks (Ju stice, Administered Piecemeal)

> It is my belief
> that the ruling on the CFJ should outline what has to be corrected in our
> mental represenatations (and the "official" ones) to bring them in
> accordance with what actually happened.
While I don't have the same philosophical objections to this, it'd need to be worded very carefully for me to not have similar pragmatic objections.

> >I don't think the statute of limitations works that well the way it's
> >currently written, but that's another story.
> I hate to be the civic promoter, but draft a proposal then!
I've been trying to work out how best to do so. I've got 1 more proosal free than I was expecting this nweek, since my proosal proosal passed. :-) But I have the sushi at the moment; while I don't think that stops me from doing anything, I'd like to unambigously establish that first.

> >In most cases, it's impossible to disobey the law; nomic laws aren't like
> >legal laws, they're more akin to physical laws (although they have a
> >strictly limited domain, as I'll argue in a CFJ I'm currently writing).
> >Similarly, CFJs aren't like the adversarial system of criminal justice;
> >they're more like an inquest, which attempts to determine what happened (or
> >some better example).
> Again, 100% correct.
> And as a point of personal preference... is the CFJ really the best way to
> go about that?
The CFJ's about the specific case of the sushi. And I'm by no means sure that it's true anyway... at least, depending on how I word it... hmm.


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