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RE: spoon-discuss: RE: spoon-business: Proposal: No Kickbacks (Ju stice, Administered Piecemeal)

> >If the CFJ system allows us to call for effects of any kind, then this 
> >won't work. It's therefore probably a bad idea to put this in, as it
> >give us an illusion of security, and encourage us to allow CFJs to change

> >things. Which is a Bad Thing.
> Is it???  What happens if someone takes an action which is illegal?  Even 
> if someone makes a CFJ, if the CFJ cannot change anything, and the person 
> has gotten away scot-free with their illegality!
Well... no. If someone *attempts* to take an action which is illegal, it
doesn't work (although more on this later). A CFJ doesn't need to *change*
anything to prevent it from happening, because it never happened in the
first place; a CFJ just establishes whether it was legal or not. Of course,
if someone takes an action that's illegal, and no one notices, then the
statute of limitations kicks in after a week, and it *becomes* legal.

I don't think the statute of limitations works that well the way it's
currently written, but that's another story.

> Well, the other option is that 
> we make a penalty for players who disobey the law.
In most cases, it's impossible to disobey the law; nomic laws aren't like
legal laws, they're more akin to physical laws (although they have a
strictly limited domain, as I'll argue in a CFJ I'm currently writing).
Similarly, CFJs aren't like the adversarial system of criminal justice;
they're more like an inquest, which attempts to determine what happened (or
some better example).


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