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spoon-discuss: RE: spoon-business: Proposal: No Kickbacks (Justice, Administered Piecemeal)

This is like saying that putting on mosquito repellent might encourage
mosquitos to bite me, because wearing the repellent is an admission that
a mosquito *might* bite me.

This proposal is not in any way permitting CFJs to change things.  It's
simply stipulating a protection against a particular abuse that can
happen *if* they can change things.  This is the mosquito repellent, not
the mosquito.  To take a page from your own book, if you don't like
mosquitos, then vote against them when they are proposed.

Also, nota bene that no one is being encouraged to make CFJs change
things because you have kindly pointed out that it is a "Bad Thing", and
of course everyone will take your advice to heart and avoid the path of
adversity.  ;-)

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> II. Judicial Kickbacks 
> No player or other game entity may submit a CFJ that calls for one or 
> more effects that discriminate in any way between players based on
> judgement or non-judgement of that CFJ, or of any other specific CFJ. 
If the CFJ system allows us to call for effects of any kind, then this
won't work. It's therefore probably a bad idea to put this in, as it
might give us an illusion of security, and encourage us to allow CFJs to
change things. Which is a Bad Thing.
Kitty is still a bad Kitty. 

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