Wonko on 13 Jan 2002 20:46:00 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: Scoff! votes for nweek 4 / zero-based 3

on 1/13/02 1:54 PM, Jonathan Van Matre at JVanMatre@xxxxxxxx wrote:

> I don't like the ambiguity of Plague of Gremlins voting, and these
> proposals appear to be creating something without creating a use for it
> yet.  I also don't like that they have (completely undefined) Bank
> Accounts.  However, I would like to see the Gremlins return along with a
> proposal that demonstrates their Usefulness.

I've actually got some uses for this, but I haven't been able to create them
'cause the Bandwidth cut me off. I was hoping that if this passed, then I
could starting making it useful.