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spoon-discuss: Re: new players

On Sun, 13 Jan 2002 14:41:30 -0500, "Donald Whytock"
<dwhytock@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>I discussed the game of Nomic in general, and B Nomic in particular, with 21 of my imaginary friends. Since there doesn't seem to be a game requirement that players exist in this physical reality, they all agreed to join. Unfortunately, that very state renders them somewhat impaired for dealing with the internet in this reality, as well as the computers required for accessing it, so they have asked me to relay messages to and from the fora for them. Similarly, they have all given me their proxies, so I'll be casting their votes as per their instructions.
>						Glotmorf
>The list of new players in the game is:
>Maggie Peters 
>Tabatha Sayle 
>Eliza Carter 
>Mahmoud Rafik 
>Bob Harney 
>Cheryl Smith 
>Jason Hodges 
>Bob Brown 
>Clio the Cat 
>Janice Yeh 
>Joe MacArthur 
>Lydia Blankenship 
>Steve Osgood 
>Aknar the Hunter 
>Eva Vilevska 
>Sir Fancys Bacon 

Lol! Do you think you can get away with THAT?
I won't even try to officially stop you right now, I'd just like to draw
your attention to the following rules:

rule 13:
A Player is any entity who is capable of passing the Turing Test, consents
to said designation as a Player, and has become a Player in the manner
prescribed in the Rules.

One could simply question one of your imaginary friends capability of
passing the turing test on his own.

rule 26:
Any entity otherwise qualified as a Player may become one by posting a
message to the public Forum explicitly stating eir wish to become a Player.

I'm sorry, but the rules require that the new player posts a message on his
own. Too ethereal to use a computer? Then you're too ethereal to play B
Nomic !

Rule 208/0:Proxies
A player may designate another player to be the holder of eir proxy....

I didn't see any of your friends designate you.

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