Jonathan Van Matre on 9 Jan 2002 14:34:11 -0000

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spoon-discuss: An attempt at translation...

You may respond by indicating in the affirmative or negative...

If I may hazard a guess, are you saying you think that the Rear View /
CFJR part of the proposal puts too much power in the hands of the judge?

1)  YES or NO

And you would prefer something that involves more of a power to the
people approach?

2)  YES or NO

And you feel the option of submitting a rule proposal that overturns the
CFJ is not sufficient?  That there must be some other way for a majority
of players opposed to a judgement to overrule it?

3)  YES or NO

> >_Judicial Rear View_
> >
> Is this simplicity doesn't put the swallow of distiller 
> unchecked force inside the hand of the person? When all it is 
> opposed to it, judgement the overrule el there must be a E 
> for method?   
> Glotmorf (el For a E for reason, my name does not translate 
> in a Korean. Imagine that.)