Jonathan Van Matre on 8 Jan 2002 18:21:22 -0000

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spoon-discuss: RE: spoon-business: Proosals

> Repeal rules:
> 7 [[does nothing]]

Serves a useful purpose to new players who may be unfamiliar with Spivak
pronouns.  Does it enforce anything?  No.  But is it useful?  I think

> 12 [[tells us nothing we don't know anyway]]

One might think that, but I suspect in the absence of such a rule we'd
see a lot of CFJs questioning the validity of proposals / rules/ rule
changes that do that sort of thing.  If for no other reason, just to be
difficult.  One wonders if we have anyone around here who is inclined to
do things just to be difficult....hmmm....  ;-)

> 150 [[redundant, thanks to 152 (and I think anyway ;-))]]

It wouldn't be redundant thanks to 152 if you things went your way and
CFJs ceased to have the force of law.  The only thing currently making
scores part of the game state is a CFJ ruling, and possibly the
indication in rule 24 that the Roster is updated by the Administrator to
show the current game state, though that one is open to interpretation.

> 155 [[doesn't work]]

Hmmm.  I have seen the light.  Let's take everything that doesn't work
100% perfectly out of the ruleset right now.  If it isn't perfect, it
must be bad.  Rule 1 is right out -- "The name of this game shall be 'B
Nomic.'" but I can call it whatever I want.  I can call it Scoff!s Game
Of World Domination.  Rule 1 doesn't work...goodbye Rule 1...and so on,
and so on...