Donald Whytock on 7 Jan 2002 17:34:50 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: Proosals

On 1/7/02 at 5:15 PM Doig, Gavin wrote:

><title>Helter Skelter!</title>
>Create a new rule, named "Same As It Ever Was", with the following
>@@@-delimited text:
>For the purposes of the rules, and for all other purposes within the game,
>the term "proposal" shall be considered precisely equivalent to the far
>superior term "proosal". Each player who voted for the proosal that created
>this rule gains 23 points and each player who voted against it loses 17
>points (once only [[true anyway, but *someone* would complain ;-)]]) and
>this sentence is then removed from the rules.

Sorry, guy.  Rule 155 says that if a proposal tries to determine who voted what for itself, all the votes would come from Bob the Voting Fish.  Which means all those points you promise would go to Bob too.