Jorg Rathlev on 1 Jan 2002 14:15:05 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Abstentions in this nweek

> > >> Proposal 188/0:Currency: ABSTAIN
> > >> Proposal 189/0:Proposal Awards: ABSTAIN
> > >> Proposal 190/0:Sharing The Wealth: ABSTAIN
> > >> Proposal 191/1:Victory by Monopoly: ABSTAIN
> >
> > Abstention doesn't exist yet. Won't these be counted as non-affirmative
> > votes?
> Proposals are handled in order, remember? If 183/1 passes, then they will
> be abstentions. (Otherwise, yeah, they will be "no" votes.)

Yes, but note that, as of now, it gets kind of strange if you replace
an actual vote with an abstention. Because 183/1 cannot pass during or
have any effect on what happens in this voting period, it will have
added a non-affirmative vote to your list of (multiple) votes.

Now 183/1 passes, and says your later votes have replaced the previous
ones. This doesn't make any difference if you replaced them with
actual votes, but what did you replace your vote with if your last
vote was an abstention? Did you now abstain (as the now-amended rule
31 would suggest), or did you vote with a non-affirmative vote (that's
what you actually did during the voting period).

The question here is, in what order does vote counting and proposal
application happen? Are the votes of *all* proposals counted first,
and then the proposals are put into effect? Or are the votes of the
first proposal counted, then it is put into effect (if it passed),
then the votes of the second proposal are counted, and so on?

I think rule 32 suggests counting happens before application ("the
proposals that HAVE RECEIVED a majority of affirmative votes", and
"are THEN processed"), but you might prefer to not replace any actual
votes with abstentions in this nweek.